Our goBR Team

From beginners to seasoned racers, goSBR is a great way to make friends, explore interests, share passions, and have fun with like-minded people.  goSBR athletes are from all walks of life: married, single, parents, college-students, bucket listers, hardcore tri racers, and everything in between.


Your goSBR teammates are a fountain of knowledge and support. Whether you need moral support or have questions about gear and nutrition strategies, the team is always there to help.


There’s nothing more encouraging than seeing your goSBR teammates during your race. Whether they’re racing with you or just there to cheer for you, your goSBR teammates are the perfect pick-me-up to keep you going. When you wear the goSBR team kit, you will be easily spotted by teammates, friends, and family, and you will receive cheers from complete strangers — goSBR friends you may not know. After crossing the finish line, your teammates, friends, and family will be there for a post-race celebration. The goSBR camaraderie is fantastic!


You can train at any level with goSBR. Whether you’re looking for fun at local races or wanting push to your physical limits, goSBR guilds you to your goals. Whatever your goals, your goSBR experience will be fun and rewarding.