goSBR Science

At goSBR, we began by identifying a reliable and scientifically-proven human training model.  Then, through extensive collaboration with our athletes, goSBR adapted the model to be effective for athletes of all levels.  We use this training model to ensure that you optimally build into peak fitness for race day.  We’ve computerized our training model on a web platform so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

For each workout, you’ll track your performance and provide feedback to the web platform.  You can track workout performances by using instruments, such as a GPS watch, bicycle power meter, or heart rate monitor.  After each workout, you’ll log your performance data to the web platform, and we’ll evaluate your progress based on our training model.  Over time, goSBR adapts your workouts.  If you consistently exceed workout goals, your workouts become more challenging. If you’re missing goals, we adjust workouts according to your capabilities. Because we track exactly how each workout has affected you, you will reach race day in peak condition.