Coach Tanya

Coach Tanya

My journey into triathlon began in the pool. I swam as a child, through high school, and eventually at the University of Houston from 1995 through 2000. During college, I began coaching club swimming. This experience ignited my passion for coaching and led to a lifelong coaching career. For the past 13 years, I have been coaching swimming at the high school level. Currently, I am the head coach at Cypress Lakes High School. During this time I have taken three groups to state, coached six All Americans and been awarded Boys Coach of the Year twice.

Until 2008, my focus was strictly on coaching. Then one of my friends encouraged me to do a half marathon. At that point in my life, the furthest I had ever run was five miles. I completed the half marathon and loved the excitement of the crowd and the sense of personal accomplishment. I had to experience this thrill again. From there, I ramped up my training and completed the Houston marathon and went on to compete in an Olympic triathlon. I realized that I had found my niche and began to regularly compete with several podium finishes in both the sprint and Olympic distances.

After a year of doing shorter races, I decided to compete in a half ironman. Soon after, I watched the Ironman World Championships on TV. I was so inspired by the athletes and their stories that I decided to sign up for Ironman Cozumel 2010. I knew it would not be any easy journey, but it was something I felt I needed to accomplish. I had a solid first race, but still didn’t quite have my nutrition right, and was very sick after the race. I raced again in 2012 at Ironman Texas. This time around, I trained with a coach. The information I gained about nutrition and training was invaluable. It was amazing the difference that it made in my training and my race performance. Gone were the days of guessing what I should be doing or how much I should be doing. I showed up on race day mentally as well as physically ready and with a plan. With the guidance of a coach, I was able to take close to thirty minutes off my ironman time and complete my goal of finishing under 12 hours.

Throughout my years of coaching, I have enjoyed working with all ages from 3 to 90 and all levels (beginner to elite). I am excited to work with motivated individuals that are ready to set goals and work hard as I too understand what that means. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and watch my athletes accomplish their goals.

-Tanya (

Cash – $400 per 12 weeks ($133/4wks)
Check – $450 per 12 weeks ($150/4wks)
Credit Card – $155.95 per 4 weeks