If you’re building toward your first Ironman Brand 140.6 race, this blog post is for you.  In Ironman 140.6 racing, preparing your transitions (T1 and T2) usually differs from other races.  It’s typically a two day process unlike any other. This blog will describe how to manage your Ironman 140.6 transition set-up.

Your race packet will contain several plastic bags including: bike transition bag, bike special needs bag, run transition bag, run special needs bag, and morning clothes bag.  Here’s what to do with each bag.

  • Bike transition bag – Pack your helmet, shoes, and anything you want to wear / carry on the bike.   Some may pack sunscreen, sunglasses, nutrition gels, etc.
  • Bike special needs bag – For a one-loop bike course, bike special needs bags are typically available at mile 60.  For multi-loop courses, you may pass the special needs area multiple times. Pack anything you may want while out on the bike course such as extra inner tubes, salt, gels, sunscreen, etc.
  • Run transition bag – Pack your running gear including shoes, race number belt with number, visor, sun glasses, etc.
  • Run special needs bag – For a one-loop run course, run special needs bags are typically at mile 16.  For multi-loop courses, you may pass the special needs area multiple times. Pack anything you may want while out on the run course, such as extra salt, gels, sunscreen, etc.
  • Morning clothes bag – Pack whatever you’re wearing just before the race into this bag.  Consider packing items you may want after the race such as a towel, dry socks, etc.

One day before the race, you will turn-in your bike at T1 and the bike and run transition bags at specified locations.  On race morning, turn-in your special needs bags at specified locations.  Also on race morning, you’ll need to set-up your bike by airing tires, placing water bottles, packing bento box with nutrition, etc.  Remember, your bike equipment (shoes and helmet) is in your bike transition bag, so you need not layout equipment in your transition area.  After setting-up your bike, strip down to your race kit and turn-in your morning clothes bag.  You’re ready to race!!

After you complete the swim course, a race volunteer will hand-up your bike transition bag.  Take your bag into the “changing tent” where you can dress for the bike ride.  Place your cap, goggles, swimskin, etc. into the bike transition bag and turn-in the bike transition bag as you exit the changing tent.  You’re ready to ride!!  After completing the bike course, a volunteer will hand-up your run transition bag and you will again head into a changing tent.  Place your bike shoes, helmet, and other gear into the run transition bag and turn it in on the way to the run course.

First-time Ironman 140.6 racers should thoroughly read the “athlete guide” for their particular race – see the “athletes” link on the race webpage.  The athlete guide will list all bag drop-off locations, bike check-in times, and all information you need to set-up your transitions.