Optimal Training
Maximal Racing
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Every athlete is different and their training should adjust to them. Our patent pending software allows us to offer the most personalized training experience.

  • Your training is customized to fit your abilities, time constraints and goals.

  • Training adapts when workouts are missed due to family, work, sickness, vacation, etc.

  • You will reach your races peaked and injury free.


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All Services Include

Signup Consultation

You will have a consultation with one of our coaches to customize your training and answer any questions you have.

Training Adapts to You

Your future workouts will adjust as you log workouts. We track your fitness & fatigue throughout the season to make sure you are not over training and always improving.

Quality Over Quantity

Workouts will contain the right amount of intensity to make the most of your training time and get the biggest fitness gains. This reduces training hours and will help you maintain a healthy work/life/training balance. 

Race Day Guidance

Executing your perfect race isn't just about fitness. You will get guidance with nutrition and execution to make sure your fitness is realized on race day.


Track your progress and keep yourself accountable. Our log supports Garmin Connect and graphing so you can analyze your workouts in detail.

24/7 Support

Get answers to all your questions from our support desk which include a triathlon knowledgebase and coach support.


We changed our name from SBR Coaches to goSBR in 2015. 

Shannon RadleJoined in Dec 2011 (Professional Triathlete)
After my baby was born I started exercising on my own. It didn't take long to get bored with the "workouts" I made for myself, and I wasn't seeing progress. I jumped back into an SBR routine within a few months and I couldn't be happier. I truly love SBR workouts because they focus my efforts to maximize quality and minimize time. And the results show! I continue to be surprised by what my body is capable of doing with SBR's guidance.
Tina NordbyJoined in Apr 2015
I am so glad I decided to go with SBR. The workouts are fitted to me, my fitness level and available time. Whenever I have a question, they will reply almost immediately. There is no way I could have put together such a customized and varied workout schedule on my own. Another thing I like is that it gives me the possibility to see whether I meet the goals set for me, which is motivational and fun. I have seen tremendous progress on all three disciplines after I decided to go with SBR.
Eshe-Rae AdamsJoined in Aug 2014
SBR helps me to achieve my goals by holding me accountable for my workouts. I am self motivated, but must admit that training for an Iromman is not easy and I needed some extra push. Additionally, the wealth of knowledge and expertise that I receive from SBR is awesome. The workouts are tailored to me and my skills, providing a great challenge to increase my times. Prior to each race I was given a race day plan that helped me mentally prepare. My coach is awesome and helps keep me motivated, something I really need during my Ironman training. I ...
Richard ScottJoined in Jan 2015
I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made under SBR. In just a few months, the program has drastically increased my speed and endurance. The regular attention, and adjustments made, to my workout schedule allows me to address strengths, weaknesses, injury, etc and helps to maximize my workouts and my time.
Robynne ParryJoined in Dec 2011 (70.3 World Championship Qualifier)
I was one of the first athletes who joined SBR Coaches and was a mid-pack finisher. In 2014, I qualified for 70.3 World Championship at Boise 70.3 with a 2nd place finish and finished up the season with 3rd at Ironman Cozumel. SBR is constantly pushing me to new limits and continuously testing what I think is possible.
Scott HerbelJoined in Sep 2013
I have 5 kids, a job with travel requirements, and wife with a job with travel requirements as well. Even with all those requirements on my time, we have been able to craft a schedule to meet my goals in what little spare time I have available to me. Doing one-on-one coaching and having the coaches constantly help me move my workouts around my hectic life has been a giant benefit to my fitness and hopefully to the completion of my second Ironman.
Claudius GaloJoined in Jun 2014
SBR Coaches got me ready for my very first triathlon with great training, providing me support and valuable tips. The workouts are well structured and the direct communication with the coach makes a great experience. I have had great success thus far improving my times race after race and I look forward to continue my progress in the sport. SBR has not only helped me become a triathlete but they also have changed the way I train and get prepared for races.
John BlackJoined in Jan 2015
To prepare for Kona, I needed a coach that could take me to the next level. SBR Coaches methodical approach blends proprietary software with close attention to detail and performance metrics, tailored to the individual athlete. The result, for me, has been astounding. I have completed numerous Ironman events and shorter course races, and worked with other coaches and training programs throughout the years. But in three months, SBR Coaches already has me faster, stronger, and more fit than ever before.
Howard ChapmanJoined in Jun 2014
I always feel that the workouts are tailored to me and where I am at in my training, not just copied and pasted into a program. All of my performance numbers have improved under SBR Coaches but my running times have seen the most dramatic increases. I can’t wait to race the same races from last year and see the gains from training in the results!!
Stephani MrzenaJoined in Jul 2013
I thought my knowledge of endurance and nutrition would make self-coaching a logical choice, however, I became frustrated by confusing online plans and a lack of accountability. SBR Coaches provided me with a complete training approach to fit my family’s schedule and budget that removed the guess work from planning and analyzing the value of my workouts. By delivering a flexible program customized to my fitness base, schedule, and overall goals, I was able to see tangible growth while maintaining life-balance and enjoying the training process from week one to race day.
LeAnne RedwineJoined in Dec 2013
SBR Coaches has helped me improve tremendously over the past year! The workouts have allowed me to maximize my time-crunched schedule by emphasizing quality over quantity. Having a plan customized for me is one less thing i have to worry about. And seeing success is icing on the cake!
Paul StephanJoined in Aug 2012
SBR Coaches gives me the training program that I need to properly build and recover for my races. They have guided me to complete Ironman Texas and Olympic distance podium finishes. All I have to do is follow the plan!
Stephen VallanceJoined in Mar 2014
SBR Coaches created a challenging yet achievable training plan and took the time to explain the nuances of race day to a beginner like me. I started the year placing 50th in my age group and finished my last race in 10th place. I am excited for the challenges of year 2!
Gabe GomezJoined in Aug 2012 (70.3 World Championship Qualifier)
I really appreciate the dynamic nature of the training software and power-based bike workouts. Every week is a balanced set of workouts, but the software allows the athlete to move workouts to accommodate a busy lifestyle. I’ve been training with SBR Coaches since 2012 and have seen excellent results and set PRs at every distance from the Sprint to the Ironman.
Robert StreetJoined in Dec 2013
There are many days where I am nearly freaked out with how well my workout plan matches what I am truly capable of that day. I'll look down at my watch and be like, "how the hell did it know that this is what I could do today." The plan truly seem to work with my body and my schedule and I consistently am seeing good results. I appreciate how easy and convenient it is to use! Whether it is from my iPhone or a computer, it is super intuitive and user friendly.
Chris CharbonneauJoined in Sep 2014
With my busy schedule, it’s impossible to effectively manage a multisport workout routine. SBR Coaches has helped me develop from a sprint tri newbie to competing in a first half ironman distance race in less than eight months. The increases I’ve experienced in both speed and power have given me the confidence to push myself to new levels I could have never imagined.


If you change your mind within the first 30 days, we'll refund your money. No questions asked.

Adaptive Training


per 4 weeks billed annually
or $59.99 every 4 weeks
  • Pick your races and we provide the training to peak you for them! 24/7 support with our triathlon knowledgebase and coach support desk.
  • Single Sport Cost

Assisted Training


per 4 weeks billed annually
or $109.99 every 4 weeks
  • If you are looking for a coach to help with race planning, analysis and accountability of someone looking over your workout log this is for you.
  • Coach Assisted Race Selection
  • Coach Reviews A-race Reports
  • Coach Reviews Workouts Weekly
  • Coach Adjusts Training Daily
  • Coach Phone & Email
  • Single Sport Cost

One-on-one Coaching

$150 - $200

per 4 weeks (Click for Details)
  • If you want even more accountability, optimized training and coach access this is the plan for you.
  • Coach Assisted Race Selection
  • Coach Reviews All Race Reports
  • Coach Reviews Workouts Daily
  • Coach Adjusts Training Daily
  • Coach Phone & Email

Sign up today and get a 30 day risk free trial!

Your privacy is important to us.
We'll never share your information.